softly silent



silently trumpet

the new moon

that crept in

softly and unseen as a

cat on padded feet

~Melanie Thomason






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scattered thoughts,



skeetering by

at the edges of my mind

causing that “tip of the tongue” feeling

but nothing gels…nothing firms up

poetry refusing to be forced

will not be written or spoken


the lines catch  in my throat

aggravating already swollen vocal cords

I fear a broken voice.

~Melanie Thomason


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pretty please ;)

excuse me,

I hate to ask ,

but can I borrow your muse…

just for a little while?

you see mine has gone on vacation

(at least I hope it is just a vacation)

and she seems to have forgotten to tell me where she has gone

or when she will be back for that matter.

I know your muse is completely different from mine

but still…just a jump start, just a whisper?





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luscious, languid goddess

stands alone on the beach

summer smears her skin

a pleasing pink

she smells of sun,

of sand,

and salty sea

and as the wind sings

a familiar tune

she watches as a summer day fades

into a lovely summer night

~Melanie Thomason


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faces in the mist


A towering face appears within the mist

Staring out at you, at everyone else too

And at its mirror image across the way

People waiting expectantly

Between the two

Identical pillars of glass

Watching every blink

Every smirk

Every facial tick



For that moment

That precise and perfect moment

When lips purse

To provide an ideal portal

For the fountain’s spew

To douse the children below

Who are lined up for the privilege




They squeal with delight

Laughing and splashing

In the cool water

that pools at their feet

Even as they are



For another face

And another stream of refreshment





~Melanie Thomason


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Reflections of reflection

mirrored magnificence

buildings reach for the sky




glass and steel perfection

amid marbled elegance

so many stories high





the juxtaposition

creates a lovely composition








~Melanie Thomason

These are a few of the pictures I took while in Chicago visiting Gigi.  I had a fabulous time and I’m sure you will be seeing more pictures from my trip😀


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Forty-Five Revolutions per Minute by J Matthew Waters — My review

Hi All:)

I haven’t been doing much reading or writing of late…which I’m sure you can tell if you’ve popped by my blog… but I did manage to read a collection of poetry: Forty-Five Revolutions per Minute by J Matthew Waters.  






















I just put the following brief review on Amazon and thought I would share it here as well.

J Matthew Waters is a contemporary poet yet one can see that he must be occasionally haunted by the muses of poets past.  Whispers of  W.S. Burroughs and tinges of Kerouac mingle with his own voice to produce his third book, Forty-Five Revolutions per Minute.  

Some personal favorites include already goneremedy, and these lines in particular

from say you’ll haunt me

“…your face is patterned
vertical lines channeling emotions
streaming from your eyes”

and from when september ends

“she slipped by like a new moon
looking for a place to hide…”

The fact that each poem is inspired by and/or named after a song provides a ready-made and diverse play list.  With titles like after the thrill is gone, I am the egg-man and saturday in the park it was hard for this reader not to hear the song in question even without them playing.  Just as varied are the topics Waters writes about; from sadness to hope, exploration to nostalgia and even war and peace.

I do hope you will check this collection out and I will leave you as Waters left me with this closing poem in its entirety.

your poem 

i burned your image
in my mind
like charcoal lead
on cottony white paper
i painted your eyes
on canvas
like i had known them
my entire life
i drew your heart
closer to mine
beating rhythmically
as if we were one



➤ Both kindle and paperback versions are available on  AMAZON

OH and I should mention that you may know John from his blog jdubqca , if not head on over (after you finish here of course) :)

 ~Melanie Thomason






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the day before


I followed my sibling

out of the womb

the day before

the murders happened

we have always had

impeccable timing

one more day

and we would have died

inside our mother

our story ended

before begun

Yet, timing and circumstance

being what they were

I did, indeed, follow my sibling

out of our mother’s womb

the day Before

the murders happened

we were the last born

of a generation bred

on hatred and fear and greed

and we had work to do

though it would be a few years…


~Melanie Thomason










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