I’ve dislocated every joint

my blood does not flow freely

through kinked and ruptured veins


I’m so sorry to disappoint

it hasn’t proven easy

nor is it without pains


to grate away

necrotic flesh

to save what’s left

and start afresh

~Melanie Thomason


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i have so much to say

yet my throat cramps

my vocal chords seize

choking back the words

before they can escape

i try to force a smile

to hide my obvious discomfort

take a deep breath and try again

but when i open my mouth to speak

my teeth fall out instead of words

i don’t know what that means

except that now

my bite and my bark

are ineffective

~Melanie Thomason



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oh i have reasons

some are even justified

i’m sure you’d agree


have excuses too

but those can be brushed aside

fairly easily


so why do i find

ink in my pen petrified

halting poetry?

~Melanie Thomason







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nothing else matters

I’ve looked at life

from both sides now

been tangled up in blue

and still,

my dear,


the only truth

I know

is you


~Melanie Thomason

*Apologies and thanks for “borrowed” lines from Metallica,  Joni Mitchell,  Bob Dylan, & Simon and Garfunkel


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are you listening?

This open heart

is wild

It breeds


Creating love

Where none

once was

A sacred desire

A fever

A longing

Kisses become as essential

As air is

to live

Every glance

Voices velvet secrets

Making fools of

Any man or woman

Who refuse to listen

~Melanie Thomason


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Originally posted in 2013. Poem with Audio 🙂


Wintering this body.

I wear my seperateness

like a shield from fantasy

and the fear of cold.

I know by now

one santa claus

who comes with a strange,

black gift for each of us.

I know love is real

but a fugitive from law.

That freedom’s breath is raw

and the world we think round

is shapeless after all.

~ Melanie Blackwell

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a coffee can and a box of…

Beth kept her hopes and her dreams in an old coffee can

secreted away in the back of the pantry

it was the only  place for them

she daren’t keep them in her head

for fear they might just slip out of her mouth

no, that would not do at all

they wouldn’t tolerate any such nonsense

’cause her dreams weren’t their dreams

so she just had to keep them safe for now

and at least, there in the can,

they wouldn’t be crushed or forgotten

Beth kept her money in a tampon box

in plain view in the bathroom cabinet

the one place she knew for sure it would never be found

(he would never touch them and she was past that time in her life)

spare change mostly, left over from running errands

some weeks there wasn’t a nickle unaccounted for

occasionally she was able to squirrel away a dollar

still her “get-the-hell-out-of-here” fund was slow growing

it had taken years but she finally had enough (not a lot but enough)

and she was excited to be going

she would live her own life and never look back

Beth knew

there was no hope of ever pleasing her

and he would never STOP

that DNA wasn’t everything

and courage wasn’t genetic

so with all her “crazy thoughts” in her head

a backbone and her “attitude” firmly in place

she left with nothing

except a coffee can

and a box of tampons.

~Melanie Thomason



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she refused

she refused

to drop her gaze

or weep

or display her shame

in any other way

though she knew it was

what was expected

she didn’t bother to cake on makeup

to conceal her bruises either

she was tired of hiding

let them draw their own conclusions

about her most respected husband

let him be judged and found lacking

not that she would be around to see it

because today, with head held high

was the day she walked, not ran, away

~Melanie Thomason





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