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“There must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief…”


– art by Caras Ionut


Yes, yes, I AM aware that I look like an idiot!  I didn’t choose the garb or the flipping unicycle but they were the only things available (except for the playing cards) when I awoke naked and afraid in this strange place.

Oh well, at least the stripes are vertical. And yes, ya jerk I did consider leaving off the hat but its kind cold and it will help keep the chill away. You do see the fog, right?  Is grey and damp and dark here

By the way, it took me hours but I finally broke out of the dungeon. I was fully expecting my abductors to be waiting to pounce but no one was around.

I have no idea where I am but there has to be some way out of here. BUT, just in case I’m using these cards in lieu of breadcrumbs.


~Melanie Thomason

*title line “borrowed” from All Along the Watchtower  by Bob Dylan/ Jimi Hendrix




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invisible arabesques

The promise I had made myself to resist him

was as insincere and insecure as a granny knot

Already, I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks,

feel my blood simmering, my breath quickening

as his finger slowly swirled and looped

drawing invisible arabesques up my bare leg

he dared to proceed up beneath my skirt’s hem,

dawdling there on my inner thigh

devilishly defeating my defenses

willing myself not to clutch at his hand

and urge it higher still

I closed my eyes,

felt them pulsing there within their sockets

and took slow, measured breaths

as his fingers traced the patterns in reverse

~Melanie Thomason








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he made me


his boyish grin and twinkling eyes

penetrated my hard earned armor

and made it impossible to resist him


~Melanie Thomason








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released! no longer must he suffer in this living hell

his soul has broken free from his emaciated shell

his time on Earth is over without a single word

his spirit now is flying as if a wing’ed bird

~Melanie Thomason





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alone (2 ways)- haiku

as a phantom limb

I can only imagine

the warmth of your love

~Melanie Thomason



finally alone

dancing beneath the moonlight

she is free, to be

~Melanie Thomason





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I’m pleased to know that in this parallel reality

I no longer tend to fade into your background

in fact I am a strongly desired commodity

you may think its all smoke and mirrors

but i tell you people are downright awestruck

you are too if you were to tell the truth

though you don’t have the nerve to spill it

~Melanie Thomason







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love (haiku)


absolute, true and boundless

is Mother Earth’s love

she nurtures all in

a universal embrace

will you love her back?

~Melanie Thomason




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“Spreading the love…”

Janey over at Cupid or Cats (if you have not met this very funny lady go check her out HERE ) put me on the spot  challenged me and I’m going to attempt to rise to the occasion :).

The challenge is to write ten lines, four words to each line, each containing the word love and nominate ten others to join the challenge.  Sounds pretty simple, right? Right?!


Always looking for love

Thought you found love

That love wasn’t True

You mourned love and

tried to “love” you

But what IS love?

What’s love to you?

To ever find love

you must define love

love may find you

~Melanie Thomason

Oh!  And as far as the nominations go…you know I’m a rule breaker soooo..

I nominate YOU!

That’s right, if you are reading this, right now…

you have been challenged to Spread the Love!! Get right on that, will ya?!



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