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Reading Poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month I thought I’d reblog some thoughts on poetry.


Savor The Words

Hello, out there.  I just recently had a conversation with a friend about poetry.  She confessed to me she wasn’t a big fan and that while she liked some poets she just couldn’t get through a book of poetry.


Did you get that…my first Aha moment!  🙂

So I explained to her that  part of the problem was she was trying to read a collection of works as if it were a novel.  Each poem is a separate entity unto itself.  They are not meant to be read back to back….but to be savored, enjoyed one bite at a time, if you will.  This really seemed to make a lot of sense to her and I’m hoping by sharing this it might help someone else open up to poetry.

The other thing I hear from people is they don’t always get it… what does the author/poet…

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Your Words

Found this beautiful image on several sites yet no idea who to credit.

Found this beautiful image on several sites yet no idea who to credit.


Whether critique or flattering evaluation

I hunger for your observation

like one on the brink of starvation

each word is a morsel of salvation

say what you will with no fear of retaliation


I write my words for me

and hope they speak to you

I’m happy everyday to see

those who choose to view

Every “Like” brings a smile

yet what I long for is your words

So, please if you find my words worthwhile

Take a second to share your words

~Meanie Blackwell


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