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dear readers and writers

Anyone who has found friends and family here on wordpress that seem more true, more real than those you have in real life will be warmed by this a co write between teardrops of ink and who could know then.

who could know then

dear friends,

this is a co write between teardrops of ink and myself. we began this poem over a month ago, born from tentative blog converstaions of two internet strangers. we hope you enjoy it, as much as we did writing it.

dear readers and writers

(The Writer)
Frail lives
penned into strong, black lines
on display, hidden
in plain sight for all to see
The moment of truth
Afraid to try, afraid to reach out:
yet more afraid not to.

(a reader)
and it’s these moments…
in reading the poetry of real people,
of eyes that we will never speak to, the miles
we will never bridge, the shoulder,
our reassuring hand will never reach…
it’s these moments when pain,
her vulnerability so courageously
etched across the screen, a pain that
resonates so deep into my own heart, that
i wonder… what…if….should…

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a little poem of thanks

there was a smile waiting for me in the mailbox

an unsolicited, yet welcome, surprise

among the bills and the junk that goes straight to the bin

a Mail Art  creation  from a new WordPress friend

good for my heart as well as my eyes

believe me when I say, Gigi Rocks!

Visit her at : Rethinking Life

~Melanie Blackwell


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