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The Edge

always on the edge

of elsewhere

yet i’m ill equipped

for entry

into the ethereal

for it is not enough

to erase evil thoughts

even if they are exoteric

and emulation proves exhausting

which is exactly the point

~Melanie Thomason



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invisible arabesques

The promise I had made myself to resist him

was as insincere and insecure as a granny knot

Already, I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks,

feel my blood simmering, my breath quickening

as his finger slowly swirled and looped

drawing invisible arabesques up my bare leg

he dared to proceed up beneath my skirt’s hem,

dawdling there on my inner thigh

devilishly defeating my defenses

willing myself not to clutch at his hand

and urge it higher still

I closed my eyes,

felt them pulsing there within their sockets

and took slow, measured breaths

as his fingers traced the patterns in reverse

~Melanie Thomason








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I’m pleased to know that in this parallel reality

I no longer tend to fade into your background

in fact I am a strongly desired commodity

you may think its all smoke and mirrors

but i tell you people are downright awestruck

you are too if you were to tell the truth

though you don’t have the nerve to spill it

~Melanie Thomason







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