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Road Trip (One bar of soap, two mismatched chairs, three lamps and other tales of woe)

It was Labor Day weekend, 1999.  My friend, Jess and I both had off from work so we decided to take a road trip.  The official plan was to just drive with no particular destination in mind.  Hoping for a little adventure we threw some clothes in our backpacks, loaded up and ice-chest with some sodas, made sure we had an adequate supply of smokes, grabbed a map (just in case) and hit the road.

Around 4 AM on Sunday morning we decided to take a break and find a hotel. We spotted on in Tylertown, Mississippi but as luck would have it there were no vacancies.   The clerk informed us we would have to drive into McComb to get a room.  The next one we went to was also full so we had to continue looking.  Finally, we stopped for the night at a chain hotel, which we will let remain nameless to avoid lawsuits, that was right across the street from McComb City Hall.  We got their last available room.  It was now after 5 AM and Jess and I were ready to drop.

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