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how ’bout that wind….and a haiku

Soooo, I dunno about where you guys are but man it has been windy here.

Drove to Maryland yesterday and they had “Strong Wind Advisories” posted on the interstate…which I fully understood the First time the wind tried to blow my little car right off the road.  I usually like a road trip but what a tense drive, I found myself gripping the steering wheel cause every time I relaxed a bit the wind would whip in and try to pull me into another lane! On one road in West Virginia we literally had to stop the car and get out and pull  a dead tree out of the road before we could continue!  Then when we got home I saw it had been just as windy here… trash cans knocked over, doormat gone…

a ferocious wind

blustered and bloviated-

his discontent known

~Melanie Thomason



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