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your truth

why are you wasting time?

scribbling your words in invisible ink?

like fat fingers

on steamed up mirrors

and foggy windows…

why would you let your truth




it needs to be read, heard & recognized

chisel your words in stone

etch them in glass


paint the town red with your truth

your voice, your words need to be translated in 24 languages

& written in braille

so even the blind 

can see

your truth.

~Melanie Thomason


This poem is from my book

Moonpies and Naugahyde

A Childhood Survived

Get it here!


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but for what crime?

what great offence?

surely your mere breath did not cease the wind

—it still blows

propelling the ship ever forward

surely not your words

—though they did sting;

mosquitos biting flesh

but, they were brushed away

were they not?

did your thoughts violate

some basic law?

did you pollute the sea

with your reality?


Poseidon’s watery domain

is still flowing

—waves still crashing

did your very existence offend?

Yes—That must be it

people despise

what they do not understand

the punishment

doesn’t always

fit the crime

~Melanie Thomason






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How ARE you?

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2: Fine, You?

Person 1: Fine



We do this everyday!  Why? It is a script we learned long ago.  And, anyway what would we do without these pat answers?  You may think no one really cares anyway… and sometimes that is true.

So what I am proposing is that we (you (all of you reading this) and me) STOP!

Are you fine???!  Ok, great if you are…but  some of you are far from it.  Are you sad, angry, hurting, sick, fed up?!  Are you happy, nervous, anxious, excited?  Well are you?  Say something…anything but just following a stupid script.

Oh and important part:  Do not ask someone how they are if you don’t really care to hear!


Thank you… that is all.


This has been a public service announcement (also known as a rant)  brought to you by Melanie Thomason


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hush now

hush now

no one wants to hear

keep it to yourself

don’t air our dirty laundry

what would the neighbors think?

hush now

don’t cry

we are all big boys and girls

crying is for babies

or in the dark of night all by yourself

hush now

don’t speak

some truth might just slip out

we wouldn’t want that

now, would we?

~Melanie Thomason


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Gigi of Rethinking Life posted recently about old sayings that are no longer valid and need to go away or be replaced with new sayings. It got me thinking…


They say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

On the surface that is good…we shouldn’t be mean and hurtful to others.

BUT sometimes the truth hurts and the truth needs to be heard.

So new sayings:

“If you are speaking true

Say it proudly

If they don’t want to hear you

Say it loudly!”


“Not everyone will want to hear it.  

Not everyone will listen.

Lots of people will not like it.  

But it is your job to speak it.  

The Truth”




~Melanie Blackwell


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