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but for what crime?

what great offence?

surely your mere breath did not cease the wind

—it still blows

propelling the ship ever forward

surely not your words

—though they did sting;

mosquitos biting flesh

but, they were brushed away

were they not?

did your thoughts violate

some basic law?

did you pollute the sea

with your reality?


Poseidon’s watery domain

is still flowing

—waves still crashing

did your very existence offend?

Yes—That must be it

people despise

what they do not understand

the punishment

doesn’t always

fit the crime

~Melanie Thomason






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common ground

Don’t talk to me of differences

Don’t talk to me of hate

Tear down your defences

it is time to communicate

If we get to know each other

we can find some common ground

teach our children to love one another

the change would be profound

war is not the answer

history can show us that

hate destroys us like a cancer

Peace and Love is where it’s at


~Melanie Blackwell





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