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We belong to the city

We belong to the powers that be.  We belong to the city.

We are taught to obey society’s rules to keep the status quo safe and secure.

We have years of brainwashing and conditioning fed to us by others who themselves have been brainwashed and conditioned. We belong to a government that distorts the facts and we blindly accept them.

Force doesn’t have to be used because we go along with it. After all it is “for our own good.”  You can try to deny it or just embrace the truth.  But don’t kid yourself…they will use force if necessary.

They aren’t the only ones at fault, all of us who quietly acquiesce, afraid to jeopardize the few comforts and rights and privileges we have, are also to blame. We have to see that we are playing a part in our own destruction.

Has the time for defiance passed?

Is there any point looking forward?…as there is no going back…

We belong to the city.  We belong to the state.  We belong to ‘our’ government.  As a song says, “we are all just prisoners here of our own device.”



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