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Rapunzel by RickLaMesa

Rapunzel by RickLaMesa




Once upon a time,

in a land far, far, away…

There lived a princess fair

with flowing locks of golden hair

Ledah dreamed both day and night

of her Prince Charming or White Knight




Ledah lived in Tampa Bay
not in some land far, far away
She didn’t believe in fairy tales
she was no princess helpless and frail
Her world did not revolve around waiting for some male
Ledah was going to blaze her own trail
She cut her hair and dyed it blue
it looked fabulous with her new tattoo
With a determined glint in her eye
she unfurled her wings, for once, to fly!


FYI the meaning of Ledah is “small winged one”.

~Melanie Blackwell

Written for Prompt 12 Fairytale from



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