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I walked alone

into the night,
I gripped my knife

within my hand,
And thrust it deeply

without a fight
my aim precise

although unplanned.

And when I saw

my blood flow free

the glowing moon,
I realized

that it was me,
I was the enemy

that I had hewn

‘Cause it was I,

I couldn’t face

For I was lost

within the pain

So I gave myself

a cold embrace,

and then I died

in gentle rain


~Melanie Thomason


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I’m holding on

to old dreams

with clinched fists

And as I walk

I’m getting smaller

& smaller

With each step

Had I only come to my senses earlier

~Melanie Thomason


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Even with all of this armor

I feel scantily clad

Exposed &


Do teardrops

Left unwept

Still equate to weakness?

~Melanie Thomason



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America…best read out loud and fast SLAM IT

Please read this fabulous, powerful poem from Gigi! Read it fast aloud and you will have no choice but to read it LOUD!

Rethinking Life

it’s one more lie
that the meek will
inherit anything at all
it’s a false promise
to keep people quiet
hoping for a payoff
at the end
because that’s what
RELIGION is all about
payoffs at the end
promises that have no
basis in reality
just a way to control you
while you’re alive
while the country burns
they want you to sit back
and watch the flames
get on your knees
think happy thoughts
while people scream
and die in the streets
beg for food
and shelter
the priests rape
counting their gold
and the government
gets rich on the poverty
of others
and the dead bodies of our children
who die in foreign lands
as the meek wait for their
a reward for doing nothing
for obeying
for being quiet
for bowing down to the status quo
for keeping their words
INSIDE their throats
for not…

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Unpacking memories

Unpacking memories

More bitter than sweet

Pictures of people

No longer part of my life

Love letters that turned out to be lies

A sentimental fool, indeed

When the sentiments are gone

~Melanie Thomason



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nature’s infinity


something   different

from the                        same view,

out of the                             same window

different times                                  different weather

different seasons                                      and it is all beauty

as a gifted rainbow                                         in nature’s infinity


~Melanie Thomason



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Chasing Happiness

The ways of love are tricky to ascertain

and I’ve wasted too many years trying to wrap my head around things I can never understand.

I keep chasing happiness but find myself stumbling,

hanging over the edge, trying to cling to those fleeting moments that bubble up as laughter,

ascend and float away.

My new found hope melts as cotton candy on tongue

and once again death is so close I can feel it’s breath on the back of my neck.

Words have a way of burrowing under my skin and I descend again into despair

as I am reminded of all that I am not…

all that I should have been.

The pain is to just too real to pack away with past grievances.

Too real to disregard.

I’m a loser,

but not in the way that you think.

I’m a loser insomuch as I cannot win.

~Melanie Thomason



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Take a knee

It is touching to see police officers take a knee

to show their solidarity, their humanity

to see them stand against police brutality

and fitting too as it was a knee

that took a man’s life

it is not enough

but it is a start

~Melanie Thomason




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