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Sun and Moon duet;

 a visual symphony.

Night will be here soon.

The sun’s bright light absorbed by

the glow of a honeyed moon.

~Melanie Blackwell


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Night (Acrostics)

This set of Acrostic Poems  is the second of several poetry forms that  Bianca & I are collaborating on. One of us will post and then the other will respond in kind. Enjoy :)

To read Bianca’s Poem, please click HERE.

I have four submissions for your reading pleasure 🙂




Ignites the sky

Gaze at constellations

How many can you identify?

Tethered, as you are, to Earth



No light shines the shroud

I walk alone into the black

Giggling anxiously, eyes darting

Hidden horrors await behind unseen bends

To ____________



Nary a sound, hush

Inside all are sleeping

Go quickly child, run

Here is your chance

To escape into the dark night

Mota wallpaper

Mota wallpaper

Navy sky provides backdrop to be

Illuminated, illustrated by

Gleaming, glowing, golden



~Melanie Blackwell


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Blanket of Night

From Wallpaper777.com

From Wallpaper777.com

Staggering through the painful night

mile after weary mile

passing people in the dark

receiving nary a smile

All these things trapped inside my head

should they be expressed or left unsaid?

I stumble onward til everyone is out of sight

looking for answers but the black shroud permits no light

I yell, I scream, I cry, I shake

but still don’t know which decision to make

Here I stand longing for resolution

all I get is mind pollution

~Melanie   Blackwell


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