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the moon is hiding

the moon is hiding 

out of sight

a glittering field of diamonds

light my way

though I’ve never minded the night

no more evil exists in it than does the day


there is a certain silence at 3 am 

it surrounds me, as does the dark

isolating yet comforting

because the silence

and the darkness

force me

to open both eyes and ears

forces me to see

forces me to hear

and with that,

the night

protects me


~Melanie Thomason






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she kissed away your tears

now her lips are wet

with salt and pain

Did she chase away your demons?

or are they dancing with her own?

I’m not sure how this will ever work

when you don’t hold the monopoly

on grief

she can comfort you

or comfort herself

but she isn’t strong enough

for both

and she really should

lay off the salt


~Melanie Thomason








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Swimming toward the surface

You see the light

but just can’t quite reach it


can’t break through


The darkness closes in

Engulfing you

as you struggle for air


There is something

or someone

holding you down


like an anchor


It is up to you

to free yourself

or drown


it is up to you


to grab handfuls

of shimmering sunshine

while you can


~Melanie Thomason






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