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Mer & Men

The fabulous Gigi posted this art work and a challenged us to make up our own stories…so…..


Artwork by GiGi

Artwork by GiGi

Once upon a time in a land beneath the sea

their lived a young, fierce mermaid who wanted to be free

now she enjoyed all the mysteries and treasures of the water

but she new she would never be free as Poisedon’s daughter

the other merfolk were content to paint seashells along the ocean floor

but she was growing restless,  she dreamed of doing more

so while everyone was sleeping in the darkest of the night

she  straddled her trusty seahorse and together they took flight

you see she was not bound by the rules of Mer or Men

she knew she could do anything if she only looked within

~Melanie Blackwell




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Enchanting lass with tail of fish
Sang sailors to their doom we’re told
Yet many men gladly took the risk
Her divine beauty to behold
Mermaid Hodling Flower
Golden voice and flowing locks were part of her allure
That had men seek her out with thoughs that were impure
For stormy seas, shipwrecks and drownings too, the mermaid has taken blame
but only for the death of her one true love could she sadly, credit claim
in fact her fishy form was due to her great shame
Enchanting lass with tail of fish
lives beneath the blue as a benevolent chaperone
to save men from a watery death has ever been her wish
her life she’d gladly sacrifice for her love’s death to atone
~Melanie Blackwell


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