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“Spreading the love…”

Janey over at Cupid or Cats (if you have not met this very funny lady go check her out HERE ) put me on the spot  challenged me and I’m going to attempt to rise to the occasion :).

The challenge is to write ten lines, four words to each line, each containing the word love and nominate ten others to join the challenge.  Sounds pretty simple, right? Right?!


Always looking for love

Thought you found love

That love wasn’t True

You mourned love and

tried to “love” you

But what IS love?

What’s love to you?

To ever find love

you must define love

love may find you

~Melanie Thomason

Oh!  And as far as the nominations go…you know I’m a rule breaker soooo..

I nominate YOU!

That’s right, if you are reading this, right now…

you have been challenged to Spread the Love!! Get right on that, will ya?!



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