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Banned Books Week Celebrating the fREADom to Read: Sept. 22 – 28, 2013

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The Seed- A friend’s debut novel

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Hi All!

Do you know/follow Helen Valentina?  I have been following her for awhile now and she is an amazing poet 🙂  AND she has just released her first novel The Seed, now available on lulu.com, iTunes (link via lulu.com) and Amazon Kindle.


Book Description

Sara Fraser, a solitary artist, is haunted by her dreams of a past life where she is deeply in love—a concept and experience foreign to her waking existence. Just as she is becoming known for her artistic endeavors, Sara launches a new series of paintings based on her dreams.

Robert Masters, a journalist in a passionless marriage, interviews Sara about her latest work, only to discover a personal connection to her paintings: it seems he is the man in her dreams. But when Robert, a man who prefers to peer inside others’ lives instead of his own, suddenly finds the intrigue of a possible shared history catapulting him into an intense romance with Sara, a story from the past begins to haunt both of them. As the lovers contemplate leaving the waking world to follow their dreams, the possibility of happiness dictates them to take risks they never could have imagined before.

The Seed is a story of truth, loss, and the price two people must pay for love.


For lulu.com, you can find both the paperback and ebook versions at her Author Spotlight page plus also a link to iTunes to download if that is your preferred mode.  The spotlight page is at:


And for Amazon Kindle, the link is:


So, go forth and support this wonderful writer!  

Buy it.  

Read it.

Share it. 



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Poetry is art. Not a frog.

I’m a lover of words…writing them, reading them, hearing them…

And while I do not write as oft as I should, I do still consider myself a poet.

So it may surprise some to hear that one of the most difficult classes I ever had in college was a Poetry and Drama class!

The thorn in my side, if you will, was the damn “Poetry Explication” assignments.

I mean really..sight rhymes, slant rhymes, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia,  stressed and unstressed syllables, feet, meter, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, understatement, etc., etc… and on and on…


Poetry is art and passion…it sings to the soul so why should I dissect someone’s work as if it were a frog? Who am I?

Some may think that is ridiculous but I felt and still do feel strongly about it.

I actually wrote a five-page paper for that class explaining why I would not, could not complete one of the assigned explications.

The teacher was not to happy (but I think she secretly respected me for it…).

So my advice…Read for yourself, think for yourself… What did the poem make you think?  What did it make you FEEL?

–Rant over.

~Melanie Blackwell


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