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secret garden

I have a secret garden

that no one else can find

It isn’t hard to get to

but no one comes inside

you see it isn’t really secret

and it isn’t in a book

but to get into my garden

one must choose to look

just open up your eyes to see the beauty all around

you never know what secrets are waiting to be found

the gate is never locked

and all are welcome in

my not so secret garden…

See you soon,  my friend.

~Melanie Thomason


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Kiss of Fig

The following was inspired by this lovely photo from Laurie W. Smith who was kind enough to let me post it here 🙂




The bliss of fig

embraces, nutrients tap

from its host for its own good

The curse of fig

nooses, chokes and wraps

killing the host where it stood

The kiss of fig

seduces root and sap

trapping the ghost in wood


~Melanie Blackwell


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