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I did not carry you in my womb

nay, you are not from me

yet you are of me

let my love be mother’s milk to you

take the offered nourishment

and as it strenghtens you

it strengthens me

love and acceptance


~Melanie Blackwell






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finding pink~ for Michelle Marie, Happy Birthday!

I’ve never been

a pink kind of girl

not a tomboy

but certainly no frills

no froo-froo

rarely caught in a dress

and ruffles are




But you,

you have me

finding pink

embracing it

Flowers kissed with a hint of pink

the blush of pink of a young girls cheek

fushia streaks across the sky

all around me I see pink

and I keep looking

for those pink trees, girl

Cause I know

when i spot one

you will be sitting beneath it

probably sipping

on a pink lemonade 🙂

~Melanie Blackwell



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common ground

Don’t talk to me of differences

Don’t talk to me of hate

Tear down your defences

it is time to communicate

If we get to know each other

we can find some common ground

teach our children to love one another

the change would be profound

war is not the answer

history can show us that

hate destroys us like a cancer

Peace and Love is where it’s at


~Melanie Blackwell





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An Alterable Void by Yves K. Morrow– My review

Hi All:)

You may know Yves from her blog Mindlovemisery if you do not yet, believe me she is someone you will want to know.  I was happy to share an announcement awhile back about the publication of An Alterable Void.   I recently put the following brief review on Amazon and Goodreads.  I thought I would share it here as well.

“Once you have been introduced to this poet you will find that while you may see hints of the great poets gone before she has a voice all her own; delectable, dark and evocative.

Her first book, An Alterable Void is a deeply moving exploration of the roots of human behavior. This collection of Poetry is divided into three sections: Love, Mind and Misery to reflect the themes of her blog. Rest assured she depicts love, sensuality, self-doubt and discovery as masterfully as she paints a chilling Portrait of Evil.

Yves’s style is relentlessly intense and honest. Her writing has teeth that cut into you and hang on. You will be altered.”

~Melanie Blackwell

All the details are below if you haven’t yet picked it up.


➤ The print copy is available on  LULU or AMAZON

➤ The ebook version is available on LULU



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Death and Life by B.G. Bowers– My review

Hi All:)

I was happy to share Bianca’s  announcement a couple months ago about  the publication of her first poetry book, Death and Life.   Well, I have had a copy of her beautiful book in my hands for awhile now and recently put the following brief review on Amazon and Goodreads.  I thought I should share it here with you as well.

“I hunger for poetry that stirs my soul. To me good poetry is all about expression, emotion and imagery. This is good poetry.

I’ve not only read Death and Life, I lived with it, savored it. This feast of emotion and imagery deserves more than a quick sampling.B.G. Bowers shares her journey with such honesty that one cannot help but be in the moment with her. I suffered her loss, heartbreak and anguish and was rewarded with liberation, self-reflection and love.”
~Melanie Blackwell

All the details are below if you haven’t yet picked it up.



➤ The print copy is available on CREATESPACE or AMAZON

➤ The Kindle version is available on AMAZON

“Death is the great disruptor; it thrusts us opposite life’s mirror, invites our truthful exploration, and reveals the naked truth; from which rebirth is possible and we are free to reinvent ourselves anew.”

In Death and Life, B.G. Bowers examines an eclectic life journey, masterfully illustrating various psychological, emotional, and spiritual experiences through poetry and essays. Death is not isolated to physical loss, but encompasses figurative deaths arising from innocence lost, depression, unfulfilled dreams, lost love, exile, spiritual death and rejection of childhood paradigms. Fortunately, these mini-deaths present opportunity for growth, evolution and renewal. That is to say, from death comes life.





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A year and a poem (or 3)

One year ago, today, I started my WordPress journey.  It was my first ever attempt at blogging AND my first time sharing my words with more than one or two close friends. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even find me amoung the thousand of blogs out there… much less find my offerings of value.  I wasn’t sure if this was the right avenue for me or if I would even continue more than a week or two. Now, here we are.

The support I’ve found here is amazing.  Beyond the “follows” and the “likes” I have experienced some heartfelt, thoughtful comments, critique and encouragement.  I have even made some connections that now extend outside of this blogging world; making friends I hope will be part of life for years to come. All of this is to say Thank You to all of you.  Because of you I have not abandoned this journey and I am truly living in the land of the word that I so love for the first time in ages. In fact, I’m currently working on a book of poetry and a novel…something I have never had the courage to actually pursue before.  It was always only a dream, until now, until you.

This WP community is full of talented people and I am happy to be one of them.  🙂

And because this is always all about the words, the art, the poetry…I leave you with a poem or 3.


I hear the rain

as it advances

you rush inside 

I’ll take my chances

I’m not afraid

of getting wet

the pouring rain

helps me forget




away the shame

accumulated through years of pain


It’s raining here, the skies are grey

but I do not feel that way

I am not sad, I don’t feel blue

I close my eyes and think of you

with face upturned and arms outstretched

your love for me doesn’t seem farfetched

it’s raining here, I dance and sing

for in the rain, my heart takes wing

~Melanie Blackwell




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Photo by Ray Laskowitz of STORYTELLER who was kind enough to let me reblog.

Photo by Ray Laskowitz of STORYTELLER who was kind enough to let me reblog.


somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn

but then again

any turn I took would’ve been wrong

thoughts of you prove corrosive

eating away, eroding cerebral tissue

acid leaks from my eyes

burning, blurring vision

but then again

the rain doesn’t help either

so much love given

so much


that my heart has grown anemic

it doesn’t have to be the end of the world

but then again

is it?

~Melanie Blackwell






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The fabulous Bianca was kind enough to add artwork to some of my micropoetry.  I hope you enjoy her creations and my words.


melanie_blackwell_micropoetry_collage_abuse micropoetry_by_melanie_blackwell_Lot'sWife micropoetry_by_melanie_blackwell-Change


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