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Things you may not know about Papa Noel, Santa or St. Nick…

You think you know Santa? Here is a story that might have you rethinking that. Enjoy this dark tale by Gigi 🙂

Rethinking Life


Picture from: Pinterest

You think you know me, but you do not.  You make up stories about me and believe they are true, but they are not.  You mold me into what you wish me to be but I tell you, you know me not.  You give me names that suit you, suit your fiction and your beliefs, but do you ever wonder who I truly am?  Do you ask yourself what I am?

Humans are funny creatures, thinking that believing makes it so.  I can assure you that nothing is farther from the truth.  Outside of your slanted and tiny belief system are wonders untold.  Layers of life you are blind to, by choice and by circumstance.  You turn away from the things that do not fit into your story but those things do not disappear, they live on without your consent or acknowledgement.

Names have power, I will…

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her skin is infused with peppermint

hints of sweet vanilla underneath

and in her hair of sparkling tinsel

she wears a fir and cranberry wreath

everything she touches glitters

dew drops freeze and crystallize

she creates a wintery wonderland

as she dances, flits and flies

when the forest is freshly blanketed

in snow of purest white

it is Merry, the Christmas faerie

adding magic to the night


~Melanie Thomason







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Flower…Chicago Botanic Garden (today)

This gorgeous flower from Gigi prompted a micro poem from me so I had to reblog 🙂

Here is the poem:

blush prettily
as they unfold
their supple petals
to cradle wee fae folk
as they sleep

Rethinking Life


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fae ballet

have you seen the fae ballet?

it promises to delight

I hear they dance most evenings

with watercolored sprites

be sure to get there early 

and please do save a seat

you get the tickets,

I’ll bring the treats!


pixies playing clarinet

set the tone just right

faerie dancers pirouette

as day turns into night

casting shadow silhouettes

in the softly fading light

~Melanie Blackwell


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fresh start

the antique sun

continues to shine

as I keep time

by counting

each beat of my heart

the wee faerie king

with a flutter 

of aureate wings

signals its time to depart

the halycon breeze


through the trees

promising us a fresh start

~Melanie Blackwell


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Winter’s Arrival

early in the morning

while most are still asleep

if you watch very closely

and do not make a peep

you can see

tiny snow fairies 

skating on frozen dew drops

as they celebrate winter’s arrival

~Melanie Blackwell


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Rapunzel by RickLaMesa

Rapunzel by RickLaMesa




Once upon a time,

in a land far, far, away…

There lived a princess fair

with flowing locks of golden hair

Ledah dreamed both day and night

of her Prince Charming or White Knight




Ledah lived in Tampa Bay
not in some land far, far away
She didn’t believe in fairy tales
she was no princess helpless and frail
Her world did not revolve around waiting for some male
Ledah was going to blaze her own trail
She cut her hair and dyed it blue
it looked fabulous with her new tattoo
With a determined glint in her eye
she unfurled her wings, for once, to fly!


FYI the meaning of Ledah is “small winged one”.

~Melanie Blackwell

Written for Prompt 12 Fairytale from



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