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taken with my cell, in my neighborhood 🙂

It isn’t a great picture but let me tell you they are so beautiful.  There are two eagles that live in this nest…and i think there may be a little one 🙂 We see the adults flying around often and they are massive!  I swear their wingspan must be as wide as my outstretched arms. The nest is huge as well… I’m thinking if someone were brave/stupid enough to climb the tree and face their wrath they could probably curl up and take a nap in it!


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Eagle (Cinquain)

Golden Eagle from Wikimedia Commons

Golden Eagle from Wikimedia Commons


Impressive wingspan

Soaring, swooping, gliding

Golden master of flight


~Melanie Blackwell

Cinquain – A five line poem with no rhyme scheme or meter; each line has a set number of words and a specific function.  No words can be repeated.   Line 1 – one word that names the subject  Line 2 – two words (adjective(s) and/or noun(s)) that describe the subject Line 3 – Three verbs that describe actions related to the subject   Line 4 – Four words that express a feeling about the subject  Line 5 – One word that refers to or is a synonym for the subject



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So I wrote this line years ago…but thought it needed to be part of something larger.  I’ve worked with it a few times.  Created a story but it just didn’t flow, it felt forced.  So to embrace the original/organic thought it must stand alone.

All was silent

but for

the eagle’s roar

and the flapping

of lion’s wings.


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