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A week ago we were driving down the road in Missouri when we spotted something up ahead that was a bit alarming… a wee orange baby on the back bumper of a pickup truck going at least 65 miles an hour down the road.  We sped up and changed lanes in hope of catching up to the truck, getting in front of it and getting it to stop, all the while keeping an eye on the wee one.  But, before we could do that we watched in horror as it jumped off the bumper!

We then quickly changed lanes and backed up a bit and stopped to look for the poor thing.  We were certain it was seriously injured…fearing a broken back or broken limbs… but when we found him on the side of the road he ran from us at first which was a good sign but we were afraid we would lose sight of him and he would either end up getting run over in traffic or left in the woods to starve or be eaten.  But luckily for him and for us we were able to coax him over.

Miraculously he only had suffered minor injuries, he had a bloody eye and nose and had some road rash on his behind. We got him to the car and wrapped him in a towel and i held him for a very long car ride back to West Virginia.

He has promptly made himself at home and won our hearts.

So meet Splat!  Our new baby boy 🙂

~MT 6/22/19


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curled up on my chest

competing for space on my pillow

or nestled in an inconvenient spot

I wait to see where she will settle in for the night

I now belong to the cat and I smile as she purrs

~Melanie Thomason



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Purrfect ~Haiku

purring cat in lap

fragrant candle lighting room

peaceful, purrfect night


~Melanie Blackwell


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Your Loss

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France


our furry babies

more family than mere  pets

leave paw prints on hearts

soft furry bodies

wet noses and wet kisses

comfort our spirits

the love that is shared

 true and unconditional


their passing painful

even more than some humans

the void more complete

they live forever

when no longer by our sides

at home in our hearts

~Melanie Blackwell

~a WP friend lost a furry family member.  This is to offer some comfort.


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Sleepy Kitty


Sleeping Baby Macchiato

Sleeping kitty sprawls

enviable abandon

belly begging rubs


Macchiato sleeping 2013
As you can see not much has changed. 🙂


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Kitty Typists

Allie Cat and Macchiato when they were still babies :)

Allie Cat and Macchiato
when they were still babies 🙂

Soft, purring fur-balls

want all of my attention

Do typing for me

~Melanie Blackwell


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