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Death and Life ~ a friend’s debut

Hi All!

Do you know/follow Bianca / B.G.Bowers?  If not get on that!

Bianca is not only one of my Featured Friends,  but we have also collaborated on a couple poems you may have read here.  

More importantly,  I count her as a true friend even though I haven’t yet met her face to face. 🙂 One day I’ll make it to Oz:)

Bianca is a fabulous person with a lovely soul and her words will move you as they move me.   Please help make her debut book a success!

Reblogging her announcement below:


February 22, 2014 · by  ·

Hi everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my first poetry book, Death and Life.


This is a huge milestone for me and I owe you all, my WordPress Community, a massive thanks for all of your support and engagement since the inception of my blog in May 2013.

Here are the links:

➤ The print copy is available on Amazon via http://bit.ly/1bvLokE

➤ The Kindle version is available via http://amzn.to/1l80VKY

And, here’s a reminder of what the book is about:

In Death and Life, B.G. Bowers examines an eclectic life journey, masterfully illustrating various psychological, emotional, and spiritual experiences through poetry and essays. Death is not isolated to physical loss, but encompasses figurative deaths arising from innocence lost, depression, unfulfilled dreams, lost love, exile, spiritual death and rejection of childhood paradigms. Fortunately, these mini-deaths present opportunity for growth, evolution and renewal. That is to say, from death comes life.

Happy Weekend,

Bianca xoxo

So, go forth and support this wonderful writer!  

Buy it.  

Read it.

Share it. 


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