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Artists4Peace September Topic-Deadline Approaching

You still have time to get in your submissions for September!!!


September 2015 Monthly Topic:

Show us your Peace!

Send in pictures! We want to see how you promote peace in your wardrobe. S

Send in pictures of your t-shirts,
jewelry, photographs of marches, posters,
demonstration signs, get togethers, anything
having to do with peace!

Send in your contributions NOW to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com

Submission Deadline September 1st
Selected Entries will be posted September 15th


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common ground

Don’t talk to me of differences

Don’t talk to me of hate

Tear down your defences

it is time to communicate

If we get to know each other

we can find some common ground

teach our children to love one another

the change would be profound

war is not the answer

history can show us that

hate destroys us like a cancer

Peace and Love is where it’s at


~Melanie Blackwell





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