tangled up in you

Walking around in circles

never seems

to get me very far


despite the distance,

I keep ending up


exactly where you are

You see my love,

my heart

is all tangled up in you 

And whether or not you want it

there is nothing you can do

My heart keeps returning,

it seems out of my control

You see without you I am lacking,

I am strong

but I am un-whole

Now don’t mishear me,

I’m not looking for fairy tales

Fireworks are overrated,

true love is in the day to day details

I’m not expecting a white knight hero

on a charging stately steed

All I’m expecting is to finally

get precisely what I need

I’m older now

and I’ve been around the block

a time or two

I’m tired of waiting,

ready to start now,

how bout you?


~Melanie Thomason


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Interesting book markers (4)



in yellowed pages

a dried rose and baby’s breath

lover’s memento


~Melanie Thomason



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interesting book markers (3)


a five dollar bill

how very fortuitous

you bought me this book


~Melanie Thomason

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interesting book markers (2)


eggs, rice, cinnamon

interesting grocery list

what were they making?


~Melanie Thomason



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interesting book markers (part 1)

I’ve come across many interesting book markers over the years.  Of course some are plain, some are in the expected form with a nice quote or pretty picture…but some make me wonder about what exactly was going on in the person’s life who last read the book I’m now holding.  It’s easy to imagine for some…the dried flower, the business card…others are a bit more perplexing the strip of toilet paper, the lock of hair…

I myself have marked a place with whatever is handy…a used envelope, a stick of gum, a paperclip…yet some of the things I found I don’t think people meant to discard.

Anyway I was just think of this and decided to write a few haiku on the subject. Here is #1

unpaid power bill

now reading by candlelight~

books illuminate





~Melanie Thomason


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I cannot grasp

the ease at which

barbed fallacies fall

from your crimson lips

only to plunge deftly

into my still beating heart

~Melanie Thomason





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dreams draped in gingham

confined by picket fences

small dreams, simple life


~Melanie Thomason



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Easter Bunny~ haiku


Image result for chocolate easter bunny

oh, you do not hop

your ears, they do not listen

poor Easter bunny

your nose does not twitch

sadly you are not fuzzy

poor Easter bunny


Image result for chocolate bunny bite out of ear

yummy chocolate

ears will be the first to go

poor Easter bunny!


~Melanie Thomason




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