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Finger paints? (a tiny short story)

Photo by Giovanni Calia on


Everyone is a critic!  I mean I get it… not everyone digs my black and white photography but it really did work for this picture in particular.  Such a gloomy day with a matching gloomy mood.  For YOU to just deface it in this way is unacceptable!  What are you 5?


~Melanie Thomason




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wet night (50 word story)

he ordered himself another beer, smiling at the

pretty girls and shot glasses all in a row

outside the thunder roared and the sky split open

the old man looked at him with a knowing smile and said,

“Hope you brought your raincoats boy, its gonna be a wet night.”


~Melanie Thomason


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Good Girl (50 word story)

With his hand twisted in her long curly locks he said between moans, “I thought… you were… a good girl.”

“I was,” she said slowly, gazing up from between his thighs with a gleam in her eyes. “That wasn’t working out so well for me so I’m trying something different.”

~Melanie Thomason


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Memories (50 word story)

After violently tearing page after page of happy faces frozen in time from the album she lit the glossy plastic covered things on fire and unceremoniously dropped them in the bin.

“Photographs of other people’s memories

remind me of a life stolen from me.”

she explained to her befuddled neighbor.


~Melanie Thomason



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