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Sunday- haiku

another Sunday

bringing beauty at daybreak

outside my window

lizards scampering

squirrels chattering great truths

the yard is alive

sipping my coffee

i prepare to start the day,

already begun


what will you bring to the day

it is up to you

~Melanie Thomason

reblog in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day





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patchwork girl (haiku)

sins of her father
black swatches and blue ribbons
of mother’s neglect
she’s a patchwork girl
pieces stitched together by
vivid crimson thread
~Melanie Thomason
Reblog in honor of Blue Monday


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Sarah sits

silently smiling

sipping sugared spearmint

splendorous surroundings

supply soul sating sanctuary

stimulating scenery

sparks speculation

Sarah sits serenely

shepherding sagacity

scribbling; shaping stanzas solemnly 

strangers startle

sabotaging solitude

speaking, shrieking symphony

shatters silence

Sarah’s secret sanctuary spoiled

snarling sullenly

she stands suddenly

Sarah stormily saunters south

~Melanie Thomason


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A magical, beautiful short story by the fabulous Gigi!

Rethinking Life

Galaxy, Starry Sky, Trees, Away

She grew up, playing in the forest.  She knew all the animals, and often slept surrounded by rabbits, squirrels, and birds.  The forest was beautiful during the sunny days of spring and summer.  Cooler during blustery fall.  When cold winter stopped by, she curled up in tree trunks and pressed against larger animals to stay warm, sleeping on and off, until the days grew longer and warmer.  She trilled with birds and nukked, nukked to stags.  She was happy.  The stream was cold and clean, the berries abundant.  She ate what the animals did, only getting sick, every now and then.

She danced and climbed trees, until she grew much older and stayed longer on the ground, until she rarely slept in the branches, any longer.  She tended the wounded, and buried the dead.  She was one with nature.  She never saw another animal who looked the way she did. …

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The true story of Medusa…a poem

get out Perseus
I’ve said no
a thousand times
I want to be alone
you call me Monster
but it’s you who are the monster
forcing women against their will
keeping them in cages
using them
abusing them
denying them
you call me Gorgon
I wear the name proudly
you fear my power
my strength
I’m not here for you
or I will kill you
the snakes hissed
and slithered
reaching for him
their eyes red with rage
you dare speak to me that way
he shouted
his hands balled into fists
and with one swift motion
his head hit the floor
I speak anyway I wish
said Medusa softly
this is my home
then she grabbed his ankle
and dragged his still body to the sea


See original by Gigi!

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Beautiful Friend


I could —

But there is Death to remember,

Jim’s beautiful friend,

there is the pain to remember

the pretty red thoughts of steel on skin

and the stinging bite as you slide flesh under blade


I could —

But there is a time for everything

and maybe my bones need not be ground to dust just yet

or maybe there is time left to dream


I am a butterfly in chains,

black booted, bereaved, all in sinner’s black


There is a time and place for everything

oh why is it so damn difficult

this business of love and Death

and oh what a mess

~Melanie Thomason


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Image result for jelly beans


chocolate bunny

sits atop a basket of brightly hued plastic grass

surrounded by a sprinkling of jelly beans

and colorfully dyed hard boiled eggs

an Easter basket


*though for me its all about the chocolate!


~Melanie Thomason

reblog for Easter, originally posted 3/28/2018


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Easter Bunny~ haiku


Image result for chocolate easter bunny

oh, you do not hop

your ears, they do not listen

poor Easter bunny

your nose does not twitch

sadly you are not fuzzy

poor Easter bunny


Image result for chocolate bunny bite out of ear

yummy chocolate

ears will be the first to go

poor Easter bunny!


~Melanie Thomason

silliness originally written 3/28/2018,

thought it would be an appropriate reblog!



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