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Victim 1: Thomas

“I’m here to report an assault.”

“Ok, sir, tell me what happened.”

Well I was at O’Malley’s Pub and John hauled off and punched me in the nose, he nearly broke it.”

“So this, John person, was a complete stranger to you?”

“Well no, officer, I knew him.”

“Oh, I see and how well did you know him?  Would you say you two were friends before this incident?”

“I guess you could say we were friends, at least I thought we were before he hit me.”

“Okay…and how is it that you came to see John this particular evening?”

Well we decided to go out and have a couple drinks and watch the game on the big screen, just like we did from time to time.”

“So, Thomas by your own account, you willingly went out with John to the pub and this was an ongoing relationship.  Right?”


“AND you were drinking alcohol.”


“So then you would have to agree you were a willing participant in the events.  You have to take responsibility for your actions you know.”

Victim 2: Richard

“Excuse me officer, I need to report a robbery.”

“I’ll be happy to assist you.  Tell me what happened.”

“I went to an ATM and this guy came up behind me and threatened to hurt me if I didn’t give him my money.”

“And did you?”


“Did you give him your money?”

“Well yes, I did because I was afraid.”

“So you didn’t resist?  You didn’t fight back?”

“No, like I said I was afraid of what he might do so I just complied.”

“And when was this?”

“Late last night…well I guess you could say early this morning.”

“Well which is it?”

“It was around 2am.”

“What were you doing out at that time of night?”

Victim 3: Harrison

“I need some help officer, I was just sexually assaulted by a group of sorority sisters.”

“Hahaha,  good one.  What can I help you with?”

“No seriously, I was assaulted.” “Look, I took a picture of them with my cell phone.”

“You should be so lucky; I mean those girls could do much better than the likes of you.  Have you looked in the mirror?”

“Officer, I was violated and I want to file a complaint.  Can you please take this seriously?”

“Ok, ok, sir, simmer down.  (muttering under his breath ‘geez must be his time of the month’) So you are saying this just happened?”


“And, this is what you were wearing?!”

Do you fine these scenarios ridiculous?  You should…they would never happen this way…

Do you find them infuriating? Callous? Alarming? Insulting?

Well you should, because ALL of these scenarios would play out this badly or worse if the Victims were Females who had be harassed, assaulted, beaten or raped.These are the exact kind of victim blaming questions that women have to deal with.

~Melanie Thomason



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Have you ever…?

Have you ever heard an old song, one you’ve heard before and suddenly HEARD the song, heard the lyrics and wondered what the hell?!

I’m going to post this video and the lyrics…. not because I like it but because REALLY what the bloody hell?

Basically he is saying he is an asshat, he will not love you doesn’t care if you love him, he will cheat on you almost assuredly and he will not even be around when needed but hey he still wants to have his way with you!  At least he is up front….

“I’m Not Sayin'”

I’m not sayin’ that I love you
I’m not sayin’ that I’ll care if you love me
I’m not sayin’ that I’ll care
I’m not sayin’ I’ll be there when you want me
I can’t give my heart to you
Or tell you that I’ll sing your name up to the sky
I can’t lay the promise down
That I’ll always be around when you need me

Now I may not be alone each time you see me
Along the street or in a small cafe
But still I won’t deny or mistreat you
Baby if you let me have my way

I’m not sayin’ I’ll be sorry
For all the things that I might say that make you cry
I can’t say I’ll always do
The things you want me to
I’m not sayin’ I’ll be true but I’ll try

Now I may not be alone each time you see me
Or show up when I promised that I would
But still I won’t deny or mistreat you
Baby if you love me like you should

I’m not sayin’ I’ll be sorry
For all the things that I might say that make you cry
I can’t say I’ll always do
The things you want me to
I’m not sayin’ I’ll be true but I’ll try
I can’t say I’ll always do
The things you want me to
I’m not sayin’ I’ll be true but I’ll try



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Keep Calm? Never!

Keep Calm?

Keep it together

Together we can

Together forever

Forever and a day

Forever fighting

Fighting for equality

Fighting for what is right

Right to be heard

Right to choose

Choose Peace

Choose an end to violence

Violence against children

Violence against women

Women are warriors

Women attack

Attack injustice

Attack hate

Hate speech

Hate crimes

Crimes against Nature

Crimes against us all

~Melanie Thomason






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Snow and Schultz and Socrates

they say write what you know

but what if, as Sgt Schultz

“I know NoThing!”

no thing

every thing and the cake is a lie

and why

why are we supposed to accept and embrace

that “bad things happen to good people”

and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ??

I’m strong enough, thanks

I’ll pass on anymore of your bullshit

I’ve heard that whatever befalls us in this life

is just and deserved because of what we did in our past lives

I reject that!

BUT…then again…

why have I been punishing myself all these years?

and you, you tell me I’ve done nothing wrong

that none of it is my fault

and ok so it doesn’t have to be about placing blame

but how can that be true?

My crimes are plentiful too,

though it is not a competition

I don’t need your permission

or your condemnetion

of bad choices but you can’t damn me

and exonerate me at the same time

or can you?

I don’t know

I know nothing

a virtual Socrates or maybe just a Jon Snow

THEY say “be yourself”

and duh

of course, how could I be anyone else?

BUT who am I?

Who am I supposed to be?

I’m still trying to figure that out

all these years and all these tears and still

the purging of past is incomplete or maybe irrelevant?

I dunno

All that I know, really, is that

I know nothing

but at least I have company.

~Melanie Thomason





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How ARE you?

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2: Fine, You?

Person 1: Fine



We do this everyday!  Why? It is a script we learned long ago.  And, anyway what would we do without these pat answers?  You may think no one really cares anyway… and sometimes that is true.

So what I am proposing is that we (you (all of you reading this) and me) STOP!

Are you fine???!  Ok, great if you are…but  some of you are far from it.  Are you sad, angry, hurting, sick, fed up?!  Are you happy, nervous, anxious, excited?  Well are you?  Say something…anything but just following a stupid script.

Oh and important part:  Do not ask someone how they are if you don’t really care to hear!


Thank you… that is all.


This has been a public service announcement (also known as a rant)  brought to you by Melanie Thomason


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Poetry is art. Not a frog.

Another reblog for National Poetry Month.

I think that the way poetry is sometimes taught and studied turns people off poetry.

YES, I do sometimes follow poetry forms. YES, I do like some of the classics.
BUT to me poetry is more about the expression, the emotion, the imagery.


I’m a lover of words…writing them, reading them, hearing them…

And while I do not write as oft as I should, I do still consider myself a poet.

So it may surprise some to hear that one of the most difficult classes I ever had in college was a Poetry and Drama class!

The thorn in my side, if you will, was the damn “Poetry Explication” assignments.

I mean really..sight rhymes, slant rhymes, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia,  stressed and unstressed syllables, feet, meter, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, understatement, etc., etc… and on and on…


Poetry is art and passion…it sings to the soul so why should I dissect someone’s work as if it were a frog? Who am I?

Some may think that is ridiculous but I felt and still do feel strongly about it.

I actually wrote a five-page paper for that class explaining why I would not, could not complete one of the…

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Reading Poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month I thought I’d reblog some thoughts on poetry.


Savor The Words

Hello, out there.  I just recently had a conversation with a friend about poetry.  She confessed to me she wasn’t a big fan and that while she liked some poets she just couldn’t get through a book of poetry.


Did you get that…my first Aha moment!  🙂

So I explained to her that  part of the problem was she was trying to read a collection of works as if it were a novel.  Each poem is a separate entity unto itself.  They are not meant to be read back to back….but to be savored, enjoyed one bite at a time, if you will.  This really seemed to make a lot of sense to her and I’m hoping by sharing this it might help someone else open up to poetry.

The other thing I hear from people is they don’t always get it… what does the author/poet…

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I have one those faces…

I have one those faces….

the completely approachable kind…

you know what I mean

one of those faces that invite people to spill their guts.

One of those faces that attract weirdos like moths to a flame.

It has always been this way.

I’m the “Dear Abby” that people come to for advice.

I’m the one strangers ask for directions.

I’m the person, while clearly not wearing the uniform am always thought to work wherever I am shopping.

“Ma’am what aisle has the Soy Sauce?”

“Excuse me can you get something off this top shelf for me?”

I have friends that can attest to this.

No matter where I am, someone is going to approach me.

I have so many stories that cause my friends to shake their heads knowingly and say, “Only you!”

But it is not me.

I assure you.

It just happens to me.

No, I’m not playing the victim.

In this area of my life I seem to have no control.

Case in point. Picture it: St. Petersburg, 2013, a Thursday, Dr’s office. A girl sits in the waiting room. That girl was me.

Mind you, I was only there accompanying a friend who didn’t want to be alone.

So she and I sit to wait for her name to be called.  From my left, it starts. These are just the highlights:

Commenting on someone else’s tattoo mind you…“Tasty, oh how interesting do you think she tastes things, is she a taste tester?  I always wondered who landed those cushy jobs.  Does she get to taste ice cream and coffee and stuff?”  

“I really don’t know…I think it means she is tasty,” I say with a slight blush.

“Ohhhh…I think I know what you mean…naughty!”

“So why is it I’m the only man in here?” 

“Well, I’d guess that would be because this is a an Obstetrician and Gynecologist’s office.”

“Oh, thats why they are all pregnant!” “So how far along are you?”

“Oh…I’m not pregnant…just here with a friend”

“Come on….when are you due?” 

“Really, I am not pregnant…just fat.” (uncomfortable smile)

“Well I never had kids, I knew I would be a horrible dad.” “My friends had me house sit and water their plants while they were on vacation and I couldn’t even keep those alive.”

“Then I guess it is good you never had any children.”

“Married 23 years and no kids…wanna know the secret to a long, happy marriage?”


“We don’t live together!  I live down the street from her and we talk on the phone every day and see each other a couple of times a week.  Other than that she gets annoyed with me.”

“I see….that is an interesting arrangement…”

“Is it ok if I put my hand on your belly to feel the baby kick?”

“Again, sir…I am not pregnant…”

And finally his wife steps in with, “Why don’t you stop talking that girl’s ear off.”

~Melanie Blackwell


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