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what is that? you may ask…

well, it is kinda like a Frisbee, boomerang, yo-yo hybrid


(just for fun, haven’t lost my mind…well at least i Don’t think so)



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Do you ever make up and use new words?

I do and I know others who do as well…so I thought I would share one of my current favorites that my best friend “coined”.


adjective lu·ni·cid·al

Definition of lunicidal

: a combo of loony or lunacy and homicidal, so kinda crazy, kinda murderous

Examples of lunicidal in a Sentence

When people misuse the word literally it makes me lunicidal.


I don’t know what happened, at first she seemed calm, resigned even but then she flew into a lunicidal rage… laughing and screaming the entire time as she beat the rapist to a bloody pulp.

First Known Use of lunicidal




~Melanie Thomason


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Snow and Schultz and Socrates

they say write what you know

but what if, as Sgt Schultz

“I know NoThing!”

no thing

every thing and the cake is a lie

and why

why are we supposed to accept and embrace

that “bad things happen to good people”

and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ??

I’m strong enough, thanks

I’ll pass on anymore of your bullshit

I’ve heard that whatever befalls us in this life

is just and deserved because of what we did in our past lives

I reject that!

BUT…then again…

why have I been punishing myself all these years?

and you, you tell me I’ve done nothing wrong

that none of it is my fault

and ok so it doesn’t have to be about placing blame

but how can that be true?

My crimes are plentiful too,

though it is not a competition

I don’t need your permission

or your condemnetion

of bad choices but you can’t damn me

and exonerate me at the same time

or can you?

I don’t know

I know nothing

a virtual Socrates or maybe just a Jon Snow

THEY say “be yourself”

and duh

of course, how could I be anyone else?

BUT who am I?

Who am I supposed to be?

I’m still trying to figure that out

all these years and all these tears and still

the purging of past is incomplete or maybe irrelevant?

I dunno

All that I know, really, is that

I know nothing

but at least I have company.

~Melanie Thomason





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a moth flew in my tea

when i wasn’t looking

sometimes life is like that




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rip my heart out and eat it with a spoon

a grapefruit spoon should work perfectly

Melanie Thomason





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Somehow it is May

I don’t know where the time has gone.  It’s been ages since I’ve posted one word on my poor neglected blog and even longer since I have visited any of you.  Life has been, well life… and you all know how that goes.

So I’m not here to make any promises of writing or visiting regularly because who knows what will be thrown at me next but IF anyone is still following…or hell… even interested at this point, just letting you know I’m still alive.

Time is a slippery thing

hard to get a firm grasp on it

sometimes it flies by

as if being chased

by a bear

on fire

other times it feels like days have passed 

yet your watch’s face reflects a mere five minutes since last you looked

~Melanie Thomason



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pedaling poet

I was just outside

pondering my inability

to produce any post-worthy poetry

when a drunken poet

rode by on a bicycle

performing spoken word


for the neighborhood

I only caught part of it

as he pedaled past

in the dark

but I’m sure it was beautiful

and profound…

“…camero burning rubber

Danny Glover

got to wear a rubber…” — the Pedaling Poet


You have to admire his confidence to share his words with anyone who was listening.  Got me to thinking that I should just post something whether I think it is “post-worthy” or not.


~Melanie Thomason


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Bad Poetry Day 8/18


southern baptist

southern fried

fried ice cream

ice cream social

social butterfly

butterfly net

net neutrality


I really don’t know…

but there ya go!

~Melanie Thomason



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