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Somehow it is May

I don’t know where the time has gone.  It’s been ages since I’ve posted one word on my poor neglected blog and even longer since I have visited any of you.  Life has been, well life… and you all know how that goes.

So I’m not here to make any promises of writing or visiting regularly because who knows what will be thrown at me next but IF anyone is still following…or hell… even interested at this point, just letting you know I’m still alive.

Time is a slippery thing

hard to get a firm grasp on it

sometimes it flies by

as if being chased

by a bear

on fire

other times it feels like days have passed 

yet your watch’s face reflects a mere five minutes since last you looked

~Melanie Thomason


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pedaling poet

I was just outside

pondering my inability

to produce any post-worthy poetry

when a drunken poet

rode by on a bicycle

performing spoken word


for the neighborhood

I only caught part of it

as he pedaled past

in the dark

but I’m sure it was beautiful

and profound…

“…camero burning rubber

Danny Glover

got to wear a rubber…” — the Pedaling Poet


You have to admire his confidence to share his words with anyone who was listening.  Got me to thinking that I should just post something whether I think it is “post-worthy” or not.


~Melanie Thomason


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Bad Poetry Day 8/18


southern baptist

southern fried

fried ice cream

ice cream social

social butterfly

butterfly net

net neutrality


I really don’t know…

but there ya go!

~Melanie Thomason



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I love you, rain

I really do-

but I think we should take a break

its not you… it’s me, really

I just think I should see other weather.


~Melanie Thomason



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SPAM Comments or Found Poetry?

Hi!  I’m sure you all get a bunch of SPAM comments…I know I do.  So I decided to take all of them that I have received in the last 2 days and make them into “poetry.”

These are the rules I set/ imposed upon myself:

1- You must use every single word from all comments

2- Each line of “poetry” must be comprised of consecutive words from one comment (No rearranging to actually make sense or prettify)

3- Any words added to help with flow must be in bold

4- Punctuation and emoticons can be ignored

Without further ado…here are my humble offerings:



It is estimated that up to 90% of the US population

will have the virus by the time they reach age 50

folks you actually recognize

mark it on the calendar

so you know

your year to die


you must eat a food from the 11-to-20 gram net carb list

at the following times: 2, 6, & 9

for any high quality chance

to not contract the disease

I most unquestionably will make certain to do not forget

Even when I am at home on the phone

Or on this website


I at last stumbled upon


It’s awesome to visit



You Bookmarked my website

and after reading the views of all my mates


you hyperlinked this web page

It’s awesome




while I am also eager of getting knowledge

by exploring in Yahoo

articles or weblog posts

I still cannot

correctly identify the

star behind each door

and that is all what one needs to know

I’ve been exploring for a bit

on this sort of area

So i’m glad to exhibit

this website



He was a loose cannon &

seems incredibly complicated

but I’ve an incredibly good uncanny feeling

that I discovered exactly what I needed

so without caution

We hopped on the ferry back

and had our last sleep in Croatia



If someone contacts you to

suggest you upgrade to broadband

& says phone and internet typically costs

an arm and a leg

They are speaking approximately!




I feel that if

you are

Claiming this cash

We can have a

Pension pot

if saved over

between us



Thanks a bunch for sharing this

and spending the time with

Studying this information

Please also seek advice from

Sky Bet Football League

on the topic of this article

and give it a look regularly.



They are not great BUT it was fun and a couple really work for me 😉  What do you think?



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Early morning conversations or why I love my husband

“Wakey, wakey” I say in a sing-song way as I rub my hand across his back

for which I’m rewarded a grunt and a groan

“Hunny the clock says 3:33…(pause)

….Get up, I’ll start coffee.”

He says in a voice still groggy with sleep, “333….The mark of the midgetbeast.”


[This conversation took place 3/3/2015]

Somethings just have to be shared.  😉


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Gaylord was lonely

not alone mind you

as a member of the royal family

he was well liked and sought after

after all  money and title are attractive things

but he cried out for

the one

she, who would know his soul

he did try to find her

dating the town’s daughters

of the right age

desperately, feverishly

smart, dull, slender, plump, short, tall

he dated them all

but alas she was not among them.

Gaylord was no Geppetto

nor a Dr. Frankenstein

really he was more of a dandy

a pretty, yet fairly useless man

i never understood why he felt deserving

of this mysterious, wonderful she

anyway back to Gaylord

he decided if he couldn’t find her

he would make her

and as he had no scientific training

nor even basic carpentry skills

he decide to use his talents as a master confectioner

yes, it’s true marzipan was usually

used to fashion

diminutive fruits and vegetables

yet, in a stroke of madness genius

he thought it the perfect medium

In his kitchen he donned an apron

to protect his exquisite

coat with blue velvet tails

and he sculpted her soft face

from the almond paste

and what happened next


was strange indeed

if fact my friends

you will not believe

for such things

you cannot conceive

so really it may be best to stop here

why continue in vain

this tale of love, madness and marzipan?

~Melanie Thomason






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Cell Memory


do you see it?


look harder

you gotta kinda squint your eyes

and let go

let the focus slide a little off

and look with your soul

with the wide red eyes of your heart



do you see?

do you SEE?

i dreamt of you and that is the scary part

it’s not just that you’re you and you’re beautiful

it’s that you are so aptly suited to me

like i couldn’t have built you better

sometimes, oh, sometimes i think i am so STUPID —

so stupid to let myself get into this mess

but i’ve been living it for so long i don’t know what else to do or how else to be

sometimes,  oh sometimes,  i wonder

yes, it is to You, but i won’t let you read this

because it doesn’t mean anything

and you don’t need to know

it’s all been to someone

all of it

it’s always been aimed somewhere

just happens to be you — this time

which is to say —

it’s the most real thing in the world

but in the end

it is less about you

and more about me

because when you’re gone

i will still have my words

me and my Words

a match made somewhere on the rim of hell

oh, and i don’t even know what i’m blathering about anymore

it’s all gotten lost in the translation from thought to tongue to paper

it is all lost

and i’m



if I keep this up I’m gonna say something I can’t take back

going to confess some terrible rhyme

one of these days you’ll take your hair down and it will kill me

i don’t know how to explain but i have this THING for hair

for long dark hair on long white men

it’s something older than time and a memory in my cells

some THING that makes my soul ache

i am ample distraction

if i sit here long enough

maybe i’ll sprout roots

maybe i’ll grow on you

(sounds like a threat to me — better run!)

(come undone)

(better do it, now –or else)

when you opened the door did you expect to find me?

do you know what you are looking at?

do you know me and will you hear my name?

i don’t ask or offer because i don’t want to be turned down

even gracious objection is wounding enough on its own

without the killing pain of outright refusal

but — you KNOW, now you know, i told you and you still talk to me like i’m a human being —

that is something

something i wouldn’t have had the guts for a year ago

do you ever wonder at the tide of time?

do you wonder as the candy-man plinks coins off the links in my spine?

not like that, not like it was but as it will be

future imperfect, the residual of years of languages —





oh the things

you might have been

i couldn’t let it be a secret, not this time, you’re too you for me to have suffered in silence

where is this going?

is it at an end —

oh gods

i don’t know

how to end

i never have

that’s my curse

and gift i guess

this mobius strip of endless dithering

i think i must



or else

it’s time


for my date



~Melanie Blackwell

*an old journal entry unearthed


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