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windowless room

Though the sky is clear and no storm formations have been reported,

there are potential threats to her well being and sanity. His presence

looms. His words at any time could become projectiles, hurling toward her.

hurricane force winds

rip and tear, emotions surge-

must seek safe shelter

close eyes, protect heart

can’t risk evacuation-

a windowless room

~Melanie Thomason




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Moonlight Lovers

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I love the beach but alas, the sun does not love me so going during the day is not a great idea.  However much to my delight, the beach at night is a completely different experience.  The crowds are gone, the sand is cool, as is the ocean’s breeze.  The tranquility and calm washes over you.

water lapping feet

as we walk along the sand

moonlight softly glows


~Melanie Thomason



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