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September 22, 2020 · 2:33 PM

we the sheeple?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay



Why are there so many sheeple?

What has become of “we the people?”

common sense has, long ago, gone out to lunch

that is, most probably, why we’re in this crunch

but don’t despair, I have a hunch

your vote can be a knockout punch!

Extract yourself from the sheeple!

And stand up for “we the people!”

~Melanie Thomason




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A Winged Bird

A beautiful, wistful poem i just had to share

House of Heart

I am who I have always been

a shiver of soft reeds beside the river

or the cascade of a waterfall.

Gypsy crows rise to a soft dawn sky

gathering their kind they circle

back for me.

I can scarcely bear the

splendor of the world,

its wonder humbles

the wisp that is me.

Minutiae of eyes and ears

and speechless tongue,

stunned by the promise

of a red dawn.

Elegant trees lift

their mighty arms,

grand  gods host creatures

large and small.

Their noble crowns filled

with a cornucopia of life.

I want to sail across the sea

tiny fleck that is me,

a winged bird bearer of

no possession,

a fragment of the universe

art by Amy Judd (represented by Hicks Gallery)

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Kate…A Story poem…

A beautiful ode to the Moon from Gigi ❤

Rethinking Life

Fantasy Microphone Singer - Free image on Pixabay

was born outside
on a clear night
under a crescent Moon

the first thing she saw
through her blurry vision
was that beautiful sliver
of white
hanging in the sky above her

she cooed
at it
and kicked her feet

opening and closing
her tiny new fingers
she reached out
toward the Moon
and the
took notice

the Moon looked
and saw a new daughter
one of Her very own
so She placed
a crescent birthmark
on her wee right arm

with the Moon
sang to Her
every night

she sang about
the Moon’s beauty
she sang about
Her kindness
and when Katie closed her eyes
the only thing she ever saw
was that beautiful crescent Moon
smiling down at her

so if you hear someone singing
about the wonders
of the Moon
and the night sky
it’s probably one of Katie’s songs



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VOTE…a story poem

Truth from Gigi

Rethinking Life


their hair pulled
force fed
their medication withheld
handcuffed to the bars
of their damp moldy cells
women fought
for the right to vote
the only way to properly
is to
do it


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Vote- an acrostic poem

Voting is a privilege, your right and your

Opportunity to have your voice heard

The time to stand up for your beliefs and your rights

Elect the President YOU want to represent you

~Melanie Thomason



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“We the People” a reblog from 2013…maybe even more applicable now


To force change on things that matter

we need more than idle chatter

to halt our dissatisfaction

It is time NOW to take action

we’ve become complacent sheeple

lets stand up for  “We the People”

thin the flock by a small fraction

It is time NOW to take action

whilst government is out to lunch

we can and should take the first punch

Revolution/ chain reaction

It is time NOW to take action

no more burying heads in sand

rise up, revolt, just take a stand

together we can gain traction

It is time NOW to take action

To force change on things that matter

It is time NOW to take action

~Melanie Thomason




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I just had to!

So Gigi posted this yesterday…and i just had to!  See my poem at the bottom…

Today is: No Rhyme nor reason (words for which there is no rhyming word)









I know they say you can’t make a rhyme with orange
and when I try I get stuck with something like door hinge
You can try and try for over a month
and never make a rhyme with ninth
And if you want to really understand the word bewilder
just try your best to find a rhyme for silver
and when it comes to spirit
just give it up, I don’t want to hear it!
Now some people want to rhyme with chimney
but i confess that has never been me
and while I love the color purple
you won’t get me to jump that hurdle
I guess I’m not that kind of woman
cause perhaps I’m only human

~Melanie Thomason



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