son of a

when his parents cast him out

and left him in the forest

Edgar was not at all upset

in fact, he thanked them for it

He never wanted to be like them

living in doubt and regret

So when Ezelda took him in

he happily began to forget

Edgar was now, a son of a witch

and he was happy for it

for he had once lived a normal life

and had grown quickly to abhor it

His new life was filled with magick

and on nature’s breast he nourished

in his new life as a son of a witch

Edgar quickly flourished

Picture found here

Picture found here

~Melanie Thomason

a reblog of a poem written in 2015


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “son of a

  1. Sometimes, being, abandoned can be, a good thing, it helps us, realize the strengths we have, and we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize that we have it, had we not been, abandoned…

  2. Absolutely wonderful. I love it…he was able to find his true home.

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