I’d Love to Change the World

This came out in 1971…. sigh

While I don’t appreciate some of the lyrics…most is still so very relevant







March 25, 2021 · 8:23 PM

15 responses to “I’d Love to Change the World

  1. I remember the song and the band, and I was 22 years old when that came out…

  2. geowhosofat

    Hi. Yes, there’s some now non-PC terms in there. I’d like to hear if that’s your objection, or something else.
    But oh, that acoustic guitar intro! This song always struck me. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Things don’t really change, they just change clothes.

  4. Love this song, thank you!
    I listen to a classic rock station which plays music from the late 60’s to early 90’s. I’ve heard it there.
    LOL…1990 is 31 yeas ago, and its music now classic.

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