A Winged Bird

A beautiful, wistful poem i just had to share

House of Heart

I am who I have always been

a shiver of soft reeds beside the river

or the cascade of a waterfall.

Gypsy crows rise to a soft dawn sky

gathering their kind they circle

back for me.

I can scarcely bear the

splendor of the world,

its wonder humbles

the wisp that is me.

Minutiae of eyes and ears

and speechless tongue,

stunned by the promise

of a red dawn.

Elegant trees lift

their mighty arms,

grandΒ  gods host creatures

large and small.

Their noble crowns filled

with a cornucopia of life.

I want to sail across the sea

tiny fleck that is me,

a winged bird bearer of

no possession,

a fragment of the universe

art by Amy Judd (represented by Hicks Gallery)

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