I walked alone

into the night,
I gripped my knife

within my hand,
And thrust it deeply

without a fight
my aim precise

although unplanned.

And when I saw

my blood flow free

the glowing moon,
I realized

that it was me,
I was the enemy

that I had hewn

‘Cause it was I,

I couldn’t face

For I was lost

within the pain

So I gave myself

a cold embrace,

and then I died

in gentle rain


~Melanie Thomason


Filed under Poetry

7 responses to “Enemy

  1. Beautifully sad. We are out own worst enemies.

  2. We are, often, our own, worst enemy, and, only through, killing our selves, repeatedly, will we finally, learn, the truth about our own, selves, then, we would, no longer be compelled, to, murder us, repeatedly…

  3. Nan

    Reblogged this on Nan's Notebook and commented:
    I follow this very talented writer and every so often she shares a real “zinger” with her blog readers. This was one of them.

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