I am more than breath and bone ~NaPoWriMo Day 21

image from pixabay

I am the air you breathe

and the marrow in your bones.

I am older than you know

and you might just hear

the echoes of time if you listen.

I am the changing seasons

and a quickly passing breeze

I am the sapphire sky

and the mahogany soil

I am the green of growing grass

and every color in between

I am the sweetness of wild berries

and the pink of roses in bloom

I am the ancient lichen covering stone

and the gentle flowing river

I am the harmony of the rain

and the poetry of birdsong

I am the pink and purple dusk

and the shimmering moon at twilight

I am secret

I am sacred

I am spirit and sanctuary

I am the rumble of thunder

and the unrelenting rain

I am the fury of fire

and hurricane force winds

I am the poisonous spider

and the venom of snakes

I am a warrior

and I am huntress

You may call me nature

or call me goddess

or call me witch

or call me weird

But I am the who,

the what,

the when,

the where,

the why

and the how.

~Melanie Thomason

Written for Brave & Reckless’s Breath and Bone Challenge


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “I am more than breath and bone ~NaPoWriMo Day 21

  1. A very powerful piece! Love it

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