Fair Trade

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


As children we are told tales of monsters

We learn to fear the unknown,

that otherness is bad

and blood is thicker than water

We’re taught that family is the most important thing

and that there is safety in numbers

But any child who has flailed helplessly to escape a brother’s grasp

or purchased sleep with rivers of tears

after enduring a thersitical mother’s ranting

or cried out under the blows from a father’s fists

knows that this is a fantasy

that being alone, that hiding

can sometimes save you

and that sometimes what is known

makes one long for distance

because what’s Out There

isn’t half as scary as home

Sometimes hanging at rope’s end

seems a fair trade for one’s turn at peace

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “Fair Trade

  1. Honest and true poem. So many kids suffer and home is the most dangerous place of all. Home is often just one more lie. Great poem.

  2. Brilliantly done. There is no evidence that this is a prompt response the cohesion is perfection.

  3. Ah… yes. While I am happy for those who have grown up in loving homes – those of us who have had to deal with the challenges of less than a stellar upbringing and have had to claw and fight for sanity… This is fitting. Only I would hope that there is more than just the end of a rope as an option.
    Well done. You used that difficult word well.

  4. Powerful use of the words, heart-wrenching

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