Pink Lies (story/poems)

She was forged in this crucible of life

This crucible of grisly pink lies

Told not to question why

That men were right

And she would always be wrong

Taught to know she was less than

Simply because she was a she

She would never be an equal

Not even a reasonable facsimile

Of a man

You see it all goes back to

This origin story

Told by men

Of how woman was created

From man

For man

So therefore could never exist

Without man

And now girls are still taught this

That they need a man to complete them

That they should stand by their man

That they are property

That they should obey

And to be extra sweet

And dripping kindness

To be nurturing

And self-less

To be defined only for what they are

And what they do for others




She rejected this claustrophobic version of a “life”

That was hammered into her

Since the first pink bonnet

Was placed on her head



You say she is haggard

A hag, an old maid

Unwanted by man

And withering away

But you’re wrong

She didn’t find a man

Worthy of her

So she chose not to settle

Because she didn’t need a man

To complete her

And make no mistake

She is not alone

Or lonely



You say she is easy

You say she is a slut

A whore

Because she enjoys the company of a man

Or men

Or women

Or anyone who isn’t you

Jealousy does not become you

and you are seeding a storm

That you may not see coming

Till hailstones rain upon you

Just like you spat your ugly words at her



You say she is hard

You say she is a bitch

And you wonder what makes her

Gnash her teeth as she rejects

Your unwanted advances

You should be happy it isn’t your flesh

That she peels away as you flounder

And beg for mercy


~Melanie Thomason



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19 responses to “Pink Lies (story/poems)

  1. Oh, WELL DONE, Melanie. VERY WELL DONE. ❤

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  3. So powerful! I grew up hearing all these things. I’d go so far as to say I was brainwashed with these messages.

  4. Excellently written – the male perspective of your three female studies is disturbingly accurate. Like any form of discrimination these viewpoints should be consigned to History, yet they seem to be perpetuated with as much vigour as ever. Well crafted work.

  5. I like the different perspectives. While there is a slow change in acceptance of gender differences… it is there. It wasn’t in my time. And while for a long time I thought it was a joke I actually knew someone who had gone to college to earn there MRS…. and then because she didn’t like his profession paid for him to go to school for another.

  6. I love this. You’ve got a nice blog,🤗I will turn on notifications so don’t miss your posts.

    It’s an honor to be here 🙇 . I hope I can make good friends with you💐 and if you wish, I would be very pleased 🙇 to have to check out my blog🙏😊

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