Annie Oakley (just so ya know)


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So a friend asked me today, completely put of the blue, “How tall was Annie Oakley?”  Random question right but he totally thought i would know…I did not!  BUT that caused me to look her up.  So I thought I’d share a few tidbits… (links to original sources.)

Annie Oakley, original name Phoebe Ann Mosey, (born Aug. 13, 1860, Darke county, Ohio, U.S.—died Nov. 3, 1926, Greenville, Ohio), American markswoman who starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, where she was often called “Little Sure Shot.”

Now this was what I found cool:

Throughout her career, it is believed that Oakley taught more than 15,000 women how to use a gun. Oakley believed strongly that it was crucial for women to learn how to use a gun, as not only a form of physical and mental exercise, but also to defend themselves.[8] She said:

“I would like to see every woman know how to handle guns as naturally as they know how to handle babies.”

Anyway if you want to know more…look her up AND if you were wondering…she was 5 ft tall!!


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14 responses to “Annie Oakley (just so ya know)

  1. She was sharp alright, not just with guns.

  2. I thought she was at least 5’2″… Such a cool person!

  3. Go Annie! Small woman, big beliefs!

    • I know! In 1898 she offered 50 women with their own guns and ammunition to fight in the Spanish American war..President McKinnley didn’t take her up on it of course.

      • For the ancient Celts, women served as both rulers and warriors. Both Scathach and Aife led armies. I wish Annie had gotten her way. We need more Annies and women like Boudicca in our world. Unfortunately, female power is threatening. A good thing in battle you’d think!

        • There have been more amazing women in history than we are taught that is for sure.
          Female power has always been threatening to men…that is why it is still squashed at every opportunity.
          BUT we still have to rise!

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