Draped in Despair

He has suffered a thousand injuries

Both real and imagined

He has been draped so long in despair

That agony is now his comfort zone

Happiness and love he knows not

And so he pulls the sadness tightly around him like a cloak

Intermittent bursts of luminescent thought

Do little to crack through the tomb he has erected around himself

He has so often uttered his prayer for death

That the words are now stenciled upon his tongue

Mourning pours unbidden from his throat

He does struggle to choke it back, tries to wash it down

Hot tea with two lumps of Bradford sugar

Do nothing to assuage his sodden soul

~Melanie Thomson



Filed under Poetry

11 responses to “Draped in Despair

  1. Powerful! Love love your use of the words and your imagery

  2. Oooo! I love the image of words being stenciled on the tongue.Nicely done!

    • Thanks, Violet! I tried to find a picture to go with that image and believe me you do NOT want to go down that rabbit hole…people are strange and though no stencils of course there were tattoos… and some of the things people have…shudder!

  3. Fantastic. Truly awesome poem. Love it.

  4. oooh…. I looked up Bradford Sugar… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1858_Bradford_sweets_poisoning

    Thoughts can be as poisoning as arsenic.

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