without him


As a snowdrop bravely makes its Spring debut even whilst snow is on the ground

she knows she must surrender her reluctance to live again,

without him

she must push forward, she must elbow through

even if uncouth

she mustn’t letย  memories of his charcoal eyes impede her discernment of others

though admittedly her heart is a mere sliver of what it once was

she is sagacious enough to know that she will be fine,

without him

With her face upturned in the morning sun,

she follows the dulcet tunes of Spring

with hope,

to start a new life

without him

~Melanie Thomason








Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “without him

  1. Beautiful. Soft words explaining life.

  2. Melancholy yet infinitely hopeful. Well crafted.

  3. Beautiful love the metaphor!

  4. I think of spurned love as well as a death… two possibilities here, maybe more… like perhaps the loss of a child (at any age).

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