Quartz – a very short story

Quartz had herself worked up into a fury!  Her mother had to know better by now… how could she still not know her at all? She would never wear that floral monstrosity with the puff sleeves.  Never!  She ran to the top of the stairs to proclaim, “I would rather shave off all my copper locks than wear this dress!   I would rather kiss the dog!  I would rather drive in an unyielding downpour while listening to old people talk about the weather and how such and such is in a fine fettle…!” (whatever that antiquated phrase meant)

And she meant it!  Quartz had the clippers in hand when her mother finally conceded.  She could go to the party in jeans and her favorite T-shirt.

And all was right in Quartz’s world again 🙂

~Melanie Thomason





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