Today is Blue Monday

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Blue Monday

While Blue Monday isn’t officially a holiday, it does have the dubious distinction of being named one of the most depressing days of the year. It falls on January 18th each year and is supposedly so depressing because of a combination of post-Christmas bills, the abandonment of New Year resolutions, low sunlight levels and cold weather. Not exactly a day that you would want to celebrate.

Blue Monday Customs & Celebrations

Although the formula behind Blue Monday is seen as pseudo-science, some people have taken it upon themselves to claim the holiday for themselves. They have decided to treat it as an “anti-holiday.” Instead of trying to stave off the blues which accompany this time of the year, they decide to embrace the blues by listening to sad music, refusing to use happy greetings and by refusing to leave the house.

Of course, other people are taking the exact opposite method and are actually celebrating this holiday. They do so by enjoying “blue foods” such as blueberry pies or yogurt or drinking blueberry wine. They also often show movies with more upbeat themes – such as comedies.

I think the blue foods thing sounds like the way to go…. enjoy!!



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2 responses to “Today is Blue Monday

  1. I’m with you all the way. I never heard of this non-holiday but I would have a Blue party where everyone had to wear blue and eat blue foods and sing the blues, while dancing and wearing blue glittering necklaces.

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