Once more

She was swimming

in a sea of languages

words crashed over her

in waves

yet she couldn’t understand them

she only spoke in one tongue

These expressions were foreign to her

they swirled around her deafeningly

She just wanted them to stop, to shut up

for more than just a fleeting moment

so that she could her herself think

This surging, swelling tide of Words

rolled over her, leaving her struggling

for breath

and to remain afloat

Just as she was sure she would be swept away

and pulled under

There was a lull

and she could hear his voice on the wind,

softly singing “You are My Sunshine”

and she found the strength

to swim back to shore

once more

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

9 responses to “Once more

  1. I love it. It’s beautiful.

  2. We need the right words to come “home”, to be grounded again. This is wonderful, Melanie.

  3. You reminded me of when I was in Italy once – in a huge community swimming pool – a mix of tourist languages… not may of my own.
    I only went once as it seemed it was so crowded that one couldn’t swim. I think folks were just their to cool off because at the time there was a heat wave going on.

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