Lillian maintained her sanity by reading and writing.  Granted reading the same shelf of books over and over again had gotten old a long time ago…so now she was reading them backwards to shake things up a bit and keep her mind sharp.  What else can one do when there is no tv, no computer, no phone, no radio and no one else around?

So she reads and she writes and writes and writes.  At first she wasted paper but now she compresses everything and uses all available space.

She writes from corner to corner, across margins, front and back.  After all she doesn’t have an unlimited supply of paper and who knows when or if more will be provided.  So Lillian has started writing smaller and smaller until her handwriting is as neat as a font and barely legible without a magnifying glass.  But no matter, who will ever read any of it anyway?

Yet she writes and in between her poetry, ramblings and stories she makes sure to write to him every day.  Maybe just maybe he will read them one day and know that she loved him, always.


~Melanie Thomason



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2 responses to “Lillian

  1. Ah, the words we could never loose inti into the open. A wistful story. Well crafted.

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