Magic in the Square – fun with rhyming

I know you won’t believe me… but it is true, I swear

just last evening I saw a bear, dancing in Times Square

Not a human in costume with an amazing artistic flair

but an actual, living, breathing, dancing brown bear

Not chained and abused like at a circus or a fair

but a free and happy creature dancing without care

as I watched in fascination the solo act became a pair

they danced with passion, with elegance and a certain savoir-fare

when they ended with the tango there was magic in the air

the night was truly perfect, I only wish that you were there

~Melanie Thomason




Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “Magic in the Square – fun with rhyming

  1. Fantastic, and they say rhyme is going out of style, well this begs to differ and is amazing Melanie!

  2. I’m with Holly. I love it and I wish that I could have been there.

  3. Tremendous fun to read this… yes I wish I were there – I’ve been to Times Square!

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