In the end we all become stories.

That doesn’t mean that the stories are true.

It doesn’t mean that the stories accurately reflect you.

And when the last person that knew you dies your story fades…

Until the last person that they shared pieces of you with then dies

And so on until your story evaporates into the ether.


I remember you

but through rose-colored glasses

you, only better

and with my last breath

I hope someone remembers

a much better me

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

7 responses to “Remembrance

  1. Beautiful poem. I’m glad you are kind and have hope. ❤

  2. Not a thought many would like, but accurate and succinctly put.

  3. This is a lovely poem. I can still put on a tape and listen to my grandfather describe life over 100 years ago in Lancashire and during the Great War. This was a gift that he left for his grandchildren. I have the same idea, although at present my life is written but not recorded as files. 🙂 🙂

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