“who am I?!”

running madly into the forest

angry tears streaming down my face

i am repulsed but who i’ve let myself become

i scream “who am I?!”

raw vocal chords producing a sound unrecognizable

even to myself

the moon cast purple shadows over me

and i begin to hear it

a thousand voices chanting and singing

in languages older than time

softly at first them seemingly swelling around me, a symphony

and i feel the ache in my chest lessen

and i am soothed by the knowledge that they

still recognize me, that I am still me

and there is time yet to begin again


~Melanie Thomason






Filed under Poetry

4 responses to ““who am I?!”

  1. Wonderful poem. Just great. ❤

  2. A moment that I am sure resonates with many.
    A well composed piece.

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