Do you ever make up and use new words?

I do and I know others who do as well…so I thought I would share one of my current favorites that my best friend “coined”.


adjective lu·ni·cid·al

Definition of lunicidal

: a combo of loony or lunacy and homicidal, so kinda crazy, kinda murderous

Examples of lunicidal in a Sentence

When people misuse the word literally it makes me lunicidal.


I don’t know what happened, at first she seemed calm, resigned even but then she flew into a lunicidal rage… laughing and screaming the entire time as she beat the rapist to a bloody pulp.

First Known Use of lunicidal




~Melanie Thomason


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17 responses to “Do you ever make up and use new words?

  1. Just think that in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary that word and definition may well appear. I do like how it is used and can see quite a lot of usage for it.

  2. so funny, i love new, made- up words

  3. What FUN! Love it. We can all start using immediately. Thinking about our government makes all of us feel lunicidal.

  4. I make up the occasional word

  5. Melanie, I LOVE this word!! Now I know what to call “how I get”!! And occasionally I’ve made up a word–here’s my fave: “Lazulitopian”, citizen of a perfect world all in blue…(Lazulitopia) 🙂 I think I may have a poem somewhere about it…for certain, I had blog with that title…

  6. Ya!! I coined and use “Yonkers”!

  7. Reblogged this on A Better Man and commented:
    New words anyone?

  8. Hi Melanie! Yes, I do all the time. I learned it from a brilliant poet who never feared to make up words if they fit! 🙂

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