long legged recluse (haiku)

I am caught up in

your sticky threaded prison;

your reluctant prey.


I’m firmly ensnared.

Your silky, sweet sounding lies

have woven a web.


A gauze-like blindfold

distorts my vision of you,

but I still see you.


Hairs raise, skin tingles

as I await your venom

poisonous or not.

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under haiku, Poetry

13 responses to “long legged recluse (haiku)

  1. A strong collection here with a powerful thread – and how love captures us all.

  2. Great poem Melanie. Uh huh…great poem.

  3. Oh wowza–powerfully evocative, visceral…and we’re sort of on the same page tonight, as I was thinking “recluse” too 🙂

  4. scribblersdip

    thanks for playing the writing prompt Melanie 🙂

    These are great word bursts – these haiku – how they paint an idea and image in the head – and the anticipation, the tension, is fascinating – the last haiku is really a delightful conclusion – the sense of needing to wait, no matter what, is intriguing. Fascinating interpretation of the prompt 🙂

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